Why Faye? Why Us? Why Me?

Every day, we could choose to pay attention to what we’d lost or what we still had.

Edith Eger

I have read that Joe Biden has the above cartoon on his desk, as a constant reminder for him not to be crushed by his grief – to keep going – to find a purpose. I remembered this as I sat watching him, on the cusp of becoming the next President of the USA, say goodbye to Delaware, tears streaming down his cheeks as he spoke of his son, Beau and a future lost – a future that should have been.

I felt his pain. Losing a child is the worse thing in the world; it’s unimaginable, unless, you experience it.

But I also felt inspired. What better way to honour his son!

The unanswered, Why? question has burnt a hole in my heart for years. But, rather than wasting my energy on trying to rationalise something that can’t be explained, I’m now inspired to concentrate my energy on finding my purpose – in a way that best honours my daughter Faye. And I’m okay that some days, my purpose will just be to make the bed – at least I’ll have got up! We can’t all be world leaders, but I can try to do my best, each and every day, to make her proud.

How do you deal with the Why? Have you found solace in having a purpose? How do you keep going?

Published by love-loss-and-life-ever-after

Sharing my experiences of grief after the loss of my daughter Faye.

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